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Governor Dan McKee is delivering the strong, steady leadership we need right now.

When Governor Dan McKee took office, COVID created the most challenging health and economic crisis in a generation. But since becoming governor, he’s provided the experience Rhode Island needs. Throughout his career, as an education leader, small business owner, Mayor of Cumberland, and Lieutenant Governor, he’s dedicated his life to serving Rhode Island, fighting for working people across all of our state’s 39 cities and towns. Now, as our state’s 76th Governor, he is leading Rhode Island to one of the best, most inclusive COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in the nation and providing steady leadership to rebuild Rhode Island’s economy.

Who Dan IS

About Governor McKee

Dan McKee is fighting to deliver a stronger economy for everyone. A lifelong Rhode Islander, Governor McKee and his family have been operating businesses and creating jobs in our state for more than 100 years. Born and raised in Cumberland, where he still lives today, Governor McKee helped run a small business for more than three decades. Concerned about the town’s finances, he then ran for and became Mayor of Cumberland, where he championed groundbreaking changes in education, fixed the local budget, and delivered services efficiently. As Lieutenant Governor, Dan fought for small businesses – more state support, fewer fees, and less red tape – while delivering new grants for health care workers and patients. Now as Governor, Dan is leading the charge on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing one of the best vaccine rollouts in America and providing steady leadership to rebuild Rhode Island’s economy and create new jobs.

Dan Has a Plan

The Issues

COVID-19 Recovery

Under Dan’s leadership, Rhode Island has become a national leader in its vaccine rollout and getting shots in arms. Our state is consistently ranked in the top five nationwide in distributing the vaccine, which is helping working people get back on their feet, bringing Rhode Islanders back to school and work safely, and strengthening the state economy for the future. To help jumpstart the economic recovery, he’s recently released tens of millions of dollars to small businesses through a new grant program.

Small Business

Rhode Island runs on the strength of small businesses, which employ more than 50 percent of all employees. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, many small business owners struggled to keep the lights on, and some are trying to figure out how to reopen. Coming from a family that runs a small business, Dan knows how to help owners, entrepreneurs, and their employees to get back on their feet – opening up access to capital and removing red tape to help rebuild.


Every working family deserves access to a high-performing school that fits their child’s individual needs. In 2009, he launched the state’s first mayoral academy in Cumberland and opened a groundbreaking city office focused on children, youth and learning. As governor, he’s focused on reinventing teaching and learning so that our children recover academically from the pandemic, while delivering more funding for classrooms across the state.

Equity & Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic most severely impacted our Black and Latino communities throughout the state, revealing deep inequality in healthcare access, educational opportunities and economic mobility. As governor, Dan is deeply committed to building a more fair and equitable Rhode Island, so that all families can overcome hurdles and move into the future.